My Other Half Isn’t…A Guy That Can’t Accept My Groupie Ways

24 Jun

A while back my roommate and I were discussing groupies and relationships.  According to him, a groupie wouldn’t make a good girlfriend because she would always be searching for something better.  She wouldn’t have time to get into a relationship because, god forbid, it gets in the way of a tour.  
As a groupie, I HIGHLY disagreed with all the above.  HIGHLY.  I think the problem is that there is this negative connotation of the word that desperately needs to be cleared up. 
A groupie DOES NOT just sleep with musicians.  Repeat after me;  A GROUPIE DOES NOT JUST SLEEP WITH MUSICIANS. 
I’m a groupie and I have yet to sleep with one musician.  I kind of have this rule about not banging someone I don’t know.  As a matter of fact a great deal of my groupie sisters have the same beliefs. 
Groupies like me go to shows for the adventure.  We respect and admire the job that these rock idols do.  More importantly, we go and come back home with these amazing stories that will forever be imprinted on our hearts. 
When I look back and think of all the people I have met through my music obsessions I smile.  
This past weekend I met up with three of my groupie sisters whose friendship I owe to the 5 greatest guys from Boston, New Kids On The Block.  I twitter the two that live overseas and I call and harass the one that lives about six hours away and I love them all to pieces. 
When we went to the NKOTB show on Saturday, there was no arguing about being on time or who wanted to do this or ANY drama WHATSOEVER!!!  It was just pure fun. 

Rocker and I at Radio city

My friendship with my dear Rockergirl reached a new peak when the Backstreet Boys popped up on stage and, even though she wanted to cut her ears off, held me up and took pictures for me because I was too excited to do it.  The little things in friendship mean a lot too. 
Not only did I get to hang out with my sisters, but I made NEW friends as well.  All sweet, all smart and all completely normal.  
Another friend I made because of music is my sister Cat.  There are no words to describe how fabulous this girl is.  We ended up meeting over facebook and now I have another sister to bug on a regular.  This is the girl who decided that she was going to flirt with a prepubescent guard to try to get us into the area where motley crue’s bus was parked.  This is the same girl who spoke to me the night before the Celtics Club fiasco and undid the damage that another friend of mine caused.  
I am even lucky enough to keep in touch with a groupie who spent the 80’s on the sunset strip and got to be on Motley’s tour bus after a show.  Julia is my hero and is an example that you can have the adventurous life while married with a  kid.  I consider her a groupie mom.  
Aside from friends, I’ve gotten to go to on all different kinds of adventures.  I’ve been to Vegas, I’ve walked along the sunset strip and took pictures in front of the famed Whiskey.  I went on a three-day tour with my girls to meet New Kids On the Block.  I ended up going to Michigan for a concert.  Those are all memories that I wouldn’t trade in for the whole world. 

Look, I’m not saying that it’s easy keeping the balance.  I’m not even saying that I don’t get why a guy would raise an eyebrow and wonder when he’s going to see me. 

However, I know that if a guy means that much to me I am going to be sure to MAKE the time.  I may even include him if he wants to see how excited his girlfriend gets to hang out with her friends.  

I’m not even saying that eventually I wont get tired of this.  Every once in a while I see me losing passion for certain shows/adventures.  

What I am saying though is that any guy who does fall for me has to understand that the “sex, drugs, and rock and roll” visions that they have with the word groupie is a myth.  When it comes to this groupie, it is all about her sisters, the music and seeing places that she probably wouldn’t have seen otherwise.


2 Responses to “My Other Half Isn’t…A Guy That Can’t Accept My Groupie Ways”

  1. Mona June 25, 2010 at 4:07 am #

    I see your point but you’ve admitted being extremely attracted to musicians and how they are your weakness. “In previous posts I have already admitted my deep weakness for musicians. (If there were a rehab for girls who melted at the sight of a guitar I would readily volunteer to go).”

    Knowing that, I side with the roommate 🙂

  2. Spark Check June 25, 2010 at 7:02 am #

    I dunno… a good friend of mine worked as a roadie for several years before starting his own business. He tells a different tale…

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