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My Other Half Isn’t…at an Aaron Carter Concert

18 Oct

I didn’t think he would be but I’ve never said no to a music adventure and a chance to hang out with friends. So when I found out that Aaron Carter was playing at this small club downtown called Crash Mansion, I immediately jumped on the chance to go.

I had never seen him perform live and I had never been to the venue so I figured that it would be an all around interesting experience.

Let me just say that I remember Aaron Carter this way


This was way back when he was singing about throwing parties when his parents weren’t home and reminding all the young ladies out there that he wanted candy.

Then gradually he began inviting us ladies to the “backseat with baby Backstreet” and assuring us that “we need some sugar” because “we’re only human”.

Well even with the baby steps to more adult music,  I was a bit surprised to see this



and this…



As he began to sing about his ability to “turn you out” it was obvious that the days of teen beat covers were long gone.  You know what?  I liked it.  I liked it to the point that when his new cd comes out, I’ll be buying it.  I liked it to the point that when he goes on tour, I’ll be there and writing all about it.


Because with only four songs I was completely hooked onto every mix of hip hop and pop beat.  Also, because the venue was so small, there were no flashing lights and pyrotechnics to create a good show.  This was achieved by the individual attention Aaron provided to his fans and the flashy dance moves to each song.

Also, the fact that he tore his shirt off towards the end of his set didn’t hurt either.

Now, I have been to A LOT of meet and greets but his had to be within my top five.

While, most artist barely look at you during a meet and greet, he spent no less than five minutes with each person at the club last night.  No, I’m not talking about a “hey, how are you” kind of thing.  It was more of an actual conversation which was COMPLETELY different from most meet and greets you go to.  Plus, most artists let their security and/or the venue’s staff dictate how much time each person gets.

Yet, even after repeated requests to keep the line going, Aaron ignored them and continued to give the crowd what they wanted.

Now before you readers begin to wonder if my search for Mr. Right has been put on hold for musical adventures, I assure you that isn’t the case.  As a matter of fact Crash Mansion actually seems like a really cool place to hang out on a regular and I fully intend on going there again very soon.

Until then, below are a few more pictures from the show and my pictures with Aaron.  If my search for Mr. Right keeps leading me to concerts, trips, and random events, I can continue you this WAY past my deadline.

Aaron and I acting silly

One for the wall of adventure


“My Other Half Isn’t…At Comic Con”

18 Oct


Except if it’s Shane West. Seriously, if it is Shane West I would like to ask, beg, and plead with Fate to get moving on it. I mean…LOOK AT HIM!


More on that later though.

Geeks, Nerds, Dorks, People that know the inside of a locker too well, are all things you probably think of when you think of the event goers of Comic Con.

After all, that’s what went through my mind at first. What kind of adult stays at home playing World of War Craft or reading the latest adventure of ‘Superman”?

How ignorant and wrong is that?

I went to Comic Con on Saturday and Sunday and was immediately floored with how many people were dressed up. I don’t mean dressed up in the sense of, “I put together this costume in less than a week”.

These fans must have spent hours on their outfits because I have never seen such a display of admiration before. The amount of passion that was shown by these people is something to be admired.

Most adults in the work force are in a panic if their pants aren’t creased correctly but here you have adults who are brave enough to walk the city streets as a character from Avatar; blue body and all. I even saw one girl who was wearing only body paint and pasties. I wear shorts on the beach and this girl is covered by paint and stickers!

Who is the nerd in that comparison?

Also, the stats these people know are amazing. If you want to know what year the first issue of Spiderman came out; they know it. They know every detail of the Aquaman series. Ask a question about the ring that the Green Lanter wears and SOMEONE if not EVERYONE at the Javits Center would have known.

It was the kind of thing that we all would have known about when we were six years old, sitting in front of the television, eating our rice krispies.

THAT’S the problem. When did we forget how to have fun in the non drinking, imaginative ways? When did it suddenly become the norm to work extra late and come to work extra early instead of doing something out of the ordinary once in a while?

I am not saying that every one has to pick up a Batman costume but, for the sake of your sanity and health, put away your workaholic tendencies.

Now, why didn’t I find my other half at Comic Con? Due to the fact of the other side of the coin…

There was no balance between real life and this event. I guess it would be like a normal, non guitar playing, boy trying to talk to me at a Bon Jovi concert. Every one there was so invested in talking about the AMC premiere of “Walking Dead” that no one really cared about finding someone to have dinner with.

One extreme is no better than the other.


While I did say that this blog was going to open me up to new experiences, I didn’t go to Comic Con JUST to find my other half. No, this falls under the category of a groupie event.

My friend had informed me that the cast of Vampire Diaries was going to be there a few weeks ago so I jumped on getting my ticket. I immediately had visions of Stefan and Damon having their way with me right in the middle of the Javites Center.

Turns out neither were there. Nope…not Stefan, not Damon, NEITHER!

However, Shane West was there promotion his show (yes HIS show, not Maggie Q’s) Nikkita.

Before I continue let me just say that I have had the HUGEST crush on him since his role in “Get Over It”. He played this Australian boy bander named Striker who had a hit song called “Love Scud”.

I even listened to his band’s music. Yes, I supported his whole duel working role.

Well, when I found out that the vampire boys weren’t going to be there but Shane was, my broken heart was fully mended. My fourteen year old self was salivating and my twenty six year old self wanted to know if I could unbutton his jeans with my teeth.

Below are pictures I took from the “Nikkita” panel. Take time to notice each downward glance, small smirk, bedroom eyes, naked pose….wait, sorry, last one was just my imagination on overload.





After my lustful time with Mr. West, I went into the Vampire Diaries meet and greet where each cast member WHO WAS THERE was extremely sweet



“My Other Half Isn’t…Steven Tyler or Joe Perry”

31 Aug

Steven and Joe Winning my Heart


How much money would it take for me to change that?  The riffs, the body, the voice….I’m official ruined for all men and I don’t even care!

Aerosmith was AMAZING!  When I tell you that I was ready to drop to my knees and thank the concert gods for the opportunity to see such talent, I’m not exaggerating.

My seats were amazing and I have to say I had a very magical night.

Not only did I have an overload of dirty fantasies involving Steve, Joe and sometimes both at the same time, but I also met a very nice boy.

A non musician boy.

This year my rocker type has been elusive so I have kept an open mind and dated outside my tattooed, guitar playing types.  Saturday night I met Aaron, (you guys should be used to alias’ by now) who was nothing but sweet from the moment I met him.

Which is why when we walked on the beach that night I let him kiss me.  That and I’ve always wanted to having a romantic kiss under a sky full of stars and the moon off in the distance.

Also, when he won be a blue stuffed frog on the boardwalk, I did slightly giggle in side.

Here lies the problem:  The moment I got home it was like the spell was completely over.  Was it just residual excitement from the show?  Did I really like him and am just slightly jaded?

Also, telling me this,  WHY, on the way home, did I spend the time thinking of …people who annoy me on a regular basis!  As a matter of fact, the only guys that completely get that moron out of my head are my musicians.  This is just ridiculous already.

All I know is that Aaron really is sweet and even sent me a text last night to tell me how much fun he had.  Then he added me on Facebook.  Then he sent me another text today.

Reading that sentence literally just screams out “Fort Skylar is worse than it was before” doesn’t it?

Well, in the words of my brilliant coworker, I’m keeping it “breezy”.  I refuse to put any meaning into anything that is said and I certainly refuse to fall into like with anyone right away.  I’m keeping my options open and I’m keeping my dating circle open.

Unless Steven of Joe call…then all bets are off.

My Other Half Isn’t…Going To Be Stuck At Home This Summer

25 Jun

Its that time again folks.....courtesy of google image search.

The past week has been nothing but, and pardon my language, a cluster fuck.  It is like the majority of people I knew got together and decided to see how far they could push me before I snapped. 

The “Virginia” situation came up again this week and started and all out battle.  (Mind you it’s been a month already) 

My seemingly “normal” status with my coworker has again become awkward after yesterday so that just added to my misery.

I turned down a groupie adventure on the high seas do to a cash flow problem.

Yes, ladies and gents, a definite cluster fuck.

Anyway, last night I began thinking of my little experiment and how my life just seems to be drifting from what it used to be.  Even though I have yet to find this “other half” at concerts, at work, at happy hours,etc  I keep going to the same places and going after the same people.  It’s like beating a dead horse.  What I need is to remove myself from the drama that people have brought to my life and get some new experiences. 

I need to go to new places and meet new people.  The summer has always been my favorite season and it never fails to add some magic into my life. 

With that said, I have composed a list of things to do for the summer.  Hopefully, I’ll gain new friends, have some new NON MUSICIAN adventures and find that other half.

Summer Plans 2010

1. Get my license:  I took drivers ed in high school and never took the road test.  Last summer I finally got my permit again after letting expire and STILL have not taken a lesson.  It’s time to bite the bullet and finish something I started ten years ago.

2.Get my passport: I really want to go to England, Scotland, Ireland, Rome and Australia.  You know what would be SUPER helpful in this?  Getting MY PASSPORT!  I’ve always wanted to have an overseas run away romance with a Gerard Butler type.   My goal is to save the money I would spend on shows and go to one of the above places mid next year.

3. Take guitar lessons:  Before my Grandpa passed away he had told my brother and I that he wanted us to learn how to play at least ONE instrument.  According to him, and he was a very brilliant man, music would open doors to countless friendships.  I think I’ve exhausted the fan road and would like to fulfill that hope he had for me.  After all he did leave me his guitar when he passed on.

4. Go to New Orleans:  I dread my birthday every year.  EVERY year my birthday is ruined my supposed friends, drama and random family issues.  This year I’ve decided that I am leaving everyone behind and going to New Orleans to celebrate my 26th year.  I am absolutely fascinated with ghosts and fortune tellers and I think that going to a place where that is a large part of the culture will do me some good. 

5:Take a dance class:  Once upon a time I actually took three years of tap and fell in love with it.  Any stress I had would be completely forgotten on stage.  I think that maybe learning something new will help me make new friends and give my personality a breath of fresh air.

6: Have a magical all nighter in Manhattan: This one is for when I do find that guy.  If i could spend all night walking around the city with him just talking, I’ll know that it must be serious. 

7: Skylar, meet the boys of eharmoney/match.com:  Yes, it’s that time.  In August I ill officially have ONLY a year to find my other half and since he isn’t anywhere I’ve searched, its time to search a larger area.

8:  Get this blog on Facebook:  The more readers I get out there, the more entertaining I can do and the more of a shot I have at finding this allusive soul mate of mine. 

Any other suggestions folks?  I’ve been reading through all your comments and I appreciate every one!  I am always surprised to get any sort of comment on here.

With that, I’m sure in getting to know me through these posts you guys may have suggestions at what I can do to make this journey a bit more positive. 

Till next time, Happy Friday everyone!

My Other Half Isn’t…A Guy That Can’t Accept My Groupie Ways

24 Jun

A while back my roommate and I were discussing groupies and relationships.  According to him, a groupie wouldn’t make a good girlfriend because she would always be searching for something better.  She wouldn’t have time to get into a relationship because, god forbid, it gets in the way of a tour.  
As a groupie, I HIGHLY disagreed with all the above.  HIGHLY.  I think the problem is that there is this negative connotation of the word that desperately needs to be cleared up. 
A groupie DOES NOT just sleep with musicians.  Repeat after me;  A GROUPIE DOES NOT JUST SLEEP WITH MUSICIANS. 
I’m a groupie and I have yet to sleep with one musician.  I kind of have this rule about not banging someone I don’t know.  As a matter of fact a great deal of my groupie sisters have the same beliefs. 
Groupies like me go to shows for the adventure.  We respect and admire the job that these rock idols do.  More importantly, we go and come back home with these amazing stories that will forever be imprinted on our hearts. 
When I look back and think of all the people I have met through my music obsessions I smile.  
This past weekend I met up with three of my groupie sisters whose friendship I owe to the 5 greatest guys from Boston, New Kids On The Block.  I twitter the two that live overseas and I call and harass the one that lives about six hours away and I love them all to pieces. 
When we went to the NKOTB show on Saturday, there was no arguing about being on time or who wanted to do this or ANY drama WHATSOEVER!!!  It was just pure fun. 

Rocker and I at Radio city

My friendship with my dear Rockergirl reached a new peak when the Backstreet Boys popped up on stage and, even though she wanted to cut her ears off, held me up and took pictures for me because I was too excited to do it.  The little things in friendship mean a lot too. 
Not only did I get to hang out with my sisters, but I made NEW friends as well.  All sweet, all smart and all completely normal.  
Another friend I made because of music is my sister Cat.  There are no words to describe how fabulous this girl is.  We ended up meeting over facebook and now I have another sister to bug on a regular.  This is the girl who decided that she was going to flirt with a prepubescent guard to try to get us into the area where motley crue’s bus was parked.  This is the same girl who spoke to me the night before the Celtics Club fiasco and undid the damage that another friend of mine caused.  
I am even lucky enough to keep in touch with a groupie who spent the 80’s on the sunset strip and got to be on Motley’s tour bus after a show.  Julia is my hero and is an example that you can have the adventurous life while married with a  kid.  I consider her a groupie mom.  
Aside from friends, I’ve gotten to go to on all different kinds of adventures.  I’ve been to Vegas, I’ve walked along the sunset strip and took pictures in front of the famed Whiskey.  I went on a three-day tour with my girls to meet New Kids On the Block.  I ended up going to Michigan for a concert.  Those are all memories that I wouldn’t trade in for the whole world. 

Look, I’m not saying that it’s easy keeping the balance.  I’m not even saying that I don’t get why a guy would raise an eyebrow and wonder when he’s going to see me. 

However, I know that if a guy means that much to me I am going to be sure to MAKE the time.  I may even include him if he wants to see how excited his girlfriend gets to hang out with her friends.  

I’m not even saying that eventually I wont get tired of this.  Every once in a while I see me losing passion for certain shows/adventures.  

What I am saying though is that any guy who does fall for me has to understand that the “sex, drugs, and rock and roll” visions that they have with the word groupie is a myth.  When it comes to this groupie, it is all about her sisters, the music and seeing places that she probably wouldn’t have seen otherwise.