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My Other Half Isnt….Mr. I Want To Get Married NOW

13 Oct

I wasn’t really sure if men had biological clocks but after last night’s date I’m sure the answer is yes.

Match.com has provided me with a few laughs and countless shirtless pictures of men.  Okcupid gave me a mail box full of boys who call me “Baby, Sweetie, Doll” before even knowing my real name.  In an effort to put myself out there further, I decided to join the website “Plenty of Fish”.

First of all within 20 minutes of posting my profile, the emails just kept coming.  I had guys that were boy band good-looking, guys that had pictures of the bottle of jack attached to their mouths and then I had guys who looked like the drove a mini van around town kidnapping little kids with promises of candy.

Last night’s date was from the new website and even from the get go I felt something was just off.

Within five minutes of getting my number, Mr. Plenty of Fish number one texts me.  Then texts me all day every day for about five days until our date last night. 

Remember how I stressed about “Skylar Time”.  I work from 9-530 trying to not hang myself with the mess I’ve gotten myself into.  The LAST thing I want to do is be bothered all day.  Still, I was nice.  I figured I was just being bitchy and punishing this one guy for the mistakes of others.

I met him at the restaurant and it was really gorgeous.  It was this upscale chinese restaurant; very romantic and probably one of the nicest places I’ve been too.  There wasn’t a pause in conversation at all; which was completely different from any of the dates I had been on.  We even went to get dessert at another restaurant and, in total, the date probably lasted about four hours.

The problem was that the whole time he kept making plans with MY time.  “We could definitely do a cruise together”.  A cruise?  I don’t even know how I felt about dinner and this guy is planning a trip.

“If/when you meet my mom she…”  Whoa..what?  I’m sure she is nice and all but it’s the first date!

“Oh you are free the weekend of the 22nd?  We should hang out then”  Reserving me two weeks in advance is kind of weird. 

Also, the fact that he mentioned how his dad pointed out that if he would get married and have kids his taxes would be lower was kind of a white flag.

Am I over reacting to all of this or would this freak out anyone?

Let’s say none of that had happened, there still weren’t any butterflies.  There was no spark, not overwhelming desire to get a kiss goodnight.  The only desire I had was to hurry up and get home.

Anyway, I think my time with Mr. Plenty of Fish number one is done.  I just don’t have the patience for someone who over joyed to hang out with me when they DON’T KNOW ME!

I finished my post about my Comic Con adventure this past weekend.  I’m just waiting to get my camera back to post all the pictures of the insane event. Also, this weekend is a very exciting one.  Not only do I get to visit Angie, BUT I also have a groupie adventure on Sunday.  Stay tuned….

As for all the dream interpretations, thank you very much guys!  They were all very helpful and extremely insightful.  I think once my vacation happens the odd/work related dreams will stop.


My Other Half Isn’t…At Happy Hour

27 Sep

The only way to describe how I am feeling is to compare it to the flu.  You’re sick in bed for weeks on end and then one day you wake up and realize that you’re cured; all better.

I won a happy hour for last Thursday.  After the last few weeks a free open bar for myself was exactly what I needed.

Well, in true Skylar fashion, I invited everyone I work with.  Yes, EVERYONE!

It’s probably because I’m a glutton for punishment.  That may be the honest truth. But, to make myself feel better, let’s just say it was so I have something to entertain you all with.

Well, the day before, I ended up asking Rob if he was coming and after thirty minutes of our normal banter, he instructed me to text him Thursday during the happy hour to remind him & he would come.

I’ve watched “He’s Just Not That Into You” enough to know what that means.

That my dear friend, Angie, threatened physical harm if I did it.

So, imagine my surprise when I’m drinking with my friends and he walks in without me having to remind him.

We talked, joked and the butterflies flew 80 miles per hour when he tole me that instead of going straight home (his mom was having a crisis) he came because he wasn’t going to just ditch me.

At the end of the night he kissed my cheek, left and I listened to Taylor Swift the whole ride home.  Then the next day…

Nothing. No pokes, no scares…nothing.

My roommate has declared that it’s time to let it go.

My dearest Nor has come up with (and probably accurate) conclusion that he’s mending fences so we could all hang out without their being awkwardness.  Friendship fences, folks, not romantic ones.

That leaves the question, “What does Skylar think?”

Well, Skylar is exhausted from wondering what every joke means.

I’m sick of asking for the advice of my guy friends.

Here’s the truth, a guy that really likes you isn’t going to make you wonder.  He’s just going to tell you and he’s going to continue to tell you until you get physically ill from hearing it.

Why? For the simple fact that after the age of 17, anything else is just unacceptable.

I went to dinner with my friend Gail on Tuesday who I hadn’t seen since December.  When I caught up with her she said it best with “What’s going on? You were always such a free spirit and now..?”

Now?  Now I’m done.  I’m completely done with the wondering and the day dreams.

Skylar Hope never went off chasing a guy. (Unless he was nominated for and American Music Award) and she isn’t going to start now.

So, with that said, I’m closing the book on my office drama. It’s just too high school for me.

Meanwhile, due to the fact that I couldn’t ditch my own happy hour, I missed meeting Vince Neil at Borders.

Shoot me immediately.

This guy from match.com wanted to take me as our first date because he knew I LOVE Motley Crue. Pretty impressive huh?  We are supposed to go out sometime this week and I’m actually kind of excited.

OH! I almost forgot the most important part of my story.

I finally booked my California Trip.  Here’s to sun, surf, rocker boys and most importantly my sisters of rock and roll.

Just a few weeks folks….

Why Can’t Girls Just Play NICE??!!

21 Aug

The famous females from "Dynasty" in an everyday cat fight.

For those of you who have read my blog on a regular basis, you will know how strongly I feel about men and their complete inability to do most things better than women.

Except for one thing.

Men are better at friendships with men than women are with other women.

Men don’t talk behind each others backs and there isn’t these over thought plots to ruin another guy’s reputation just because he wore the same color as you to a party.

There isn’t any jealousy between boys.  One gentlemen’s success is the opportunity for that successful guy to pay for happy hours for his less successful posse.  It’s just as simple as that.

Females, on the other hand, we are just evil to each other.  For some reason females completely enjoy going for the jugular and I can’t really understand why.

Since When Does Every Group Need A Regina George?

Every group of girls has a leader

I’m really not sure where it is written, but apparently in each clique there’s a Regina George.  For anyone that is not familiar with the movie “Mean Girls”, Regina was a high school girl who was the head of a popular clique known as The Plastics. Everyone wanted to be her friend DESPITE the fact that no one really liked her because she was so mean.  She was the one who made the plans, and dictated what was cool and basically called the shots of who was in the clique and who wasn’t.

Until recently, I really didn’t realize how much of my life mirrored this movie.  I am twenty-six and feel like I’m living in this awful teen movie that will not end, even though my friendship with my very own Regina George is over.

Just like romantic relationships, things start to fall apart gradually.  It starts off small like, “You can’t where blue because I’m wearing blue and we aren’t twins.”

Once, it’s annoying but it can be overlooked.  Twice, you grit your teeth and smile.  By eight hundred twenty-five, all you want to do is hang yourself.

Next comes the not so subtle attack of your personal character.

I can COMPLETELY understand if people want to snicker at my groupie activities.  I really don’t care what their opinions are since I know I’m not doing anything to be ashamed of.

With that said, as my friend, you shouldn’t constantly berate me for it. Especially since you do the exact same thing on a WHOLE other plain.  I do what I do for fun and don’t hurt anyone doing it.  Others use people on a daily basis and get away with it just for the sake of the end result.

Also, I get being honest but there comes a point where honesty is just an excuse to be mean.

Finally comes the point where you opinions about certain things have to be kept quiet because any difference in opinions from Regina’s will lead to an automatic removal from The Plastics.

If you don’t think its fair that you bend over backward to do a,b,c and d yet they can’t even do a for you; tough.  Not Regina’s problem.

The Aftermath of The Removal of the Clique

Or as I like to call it the; “Getting back to high school days”

When my parents got divorced and when my stepfather moved out, there really wasn’t much of a custody battle.  It was more like an automatic “Mom gets the kids” deal.

However, I do know that in some break ups there is a great deal of mud-slinging that goes on and the kids are the ones in the middle.  It is a constant tug of war and the kid feels like they have to choose which parent they love more.

I suppose that is the way it is when two former GAL pals call it quits because this is just ridiculous.

Going on Facebook and making comments about the other person to play mind games with them…

Suddenly being interested in the lives of your friends that you had NO interest in previously…

It’s boring and as the person who is trying to just move on, it makes Regina George seem kind of pathetic.

Also, it isn’t cool to suddenly be involved in mutual friends lives to shut a person out.

How can you really hang out with someone when three months ago you called them stuck up for not helping you on your groupie endeavors?

Or plan a trip with people who you were ready to kick off it because “she has to strikes against her and on the third I’m done”

What about defending a friend so fiercely over something that wasnt said, yet on MANY occasion the topic of conversation was that SAME friends lousy taste in men.

The list goes ON and ON and…oh yes…ON!

Amicable Break Ups


Are there such things as an amicable break up?  Can’t a friendship between girls be respectful?  If one person in the scenario is moving on and fine with the ending of the friendship, why does the other INSIST on starting a war?

Or maybe females just have a natural way of being mean to each other?

It’s really funny to me that people talk SO MUCH TRASH about being a groupie and having your groupie sisters.  Yet, I’ve never had this bad of time with a groupie sister.

It is really sad because I don’t get how mean you can be to someone who you were so close with at one point.  It makes a person question all those years of friendship.

One thing is for certain…

I’d rather be the girl who is completely real than be a Regina George.  I never really liked being the bitch anyway….