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My Other Half Isnt….Mr. I Want To Get Married NOW

13 Oct

I wasn’t really sure if men had biological clocks but after last night’s date I’m sure the answer is yes.

Match.com has provided me with a few laughs and countless shirtless pictures of men.  Okcupid gave me a mail box full of boys who call me “Baby, Sweetie, Doll” before even knowing my real name.  In an effort to put myself out there further, I decided to join the website “Plenty of Fish”.

First of all within 20 minutes of posting my profile, the emails just kept coming.  I had guys that were boy band good-looking, guys that had pictures of the bottle of jack attached to their mouths and then I had guys who looked like the drove a mini van around town kidnapping little kids with promises of candy.

Last night’s date was from the new website and even from the get go I felt something was just off.

Within five minutes of getting my number, Mr. Plenty of Fish number one texts me.  Then texts me all day every day for about five days until our date last night. 

Remember how I stressed about “Skylar Time”.  I work from 9-530 trying to not hang myself with the mess I’ve gotten myself into.  The LAST thing I want to do is be bothered all day.  Still, I was nice.  I figured I was just being bitchy and punishing this one guy for the mistakes of others.

I met him at the restaurant and it was really gorgeous.  It was this upscale chinese restaurant; very romantic and probably one of the nicest places I’ve been too.  There wasn’t a pause in conversation at all; which was completely different from any of the dates I had been on.  We even went to get dessert at another restaurant and, in total, the date probably lasted about four hours.

The problem was that the whole time he kept making plans with MY time.  “We could definitely do a cruise together”.  A cruise?  I don’t even know how I felt about dinner and this guy is planning a trip.

“If/when you meet my mom she…”  Whoa..what?  I’m sure she is nice and all but it’s the first date!

“Oh you are free the weekend of the 22nd?  We should hang out then”  Reserving me two weeks in advance is kind of weird. 

Also, the fact that he mentioned how his dad pointed out that if he would get married and have kids his taxes would be lower was kind of a white flag.

Am I over reacting to all of this or would this freak out anyone?

Let’s say none of that had happened, there still weren’t any butterflies.  There was no spark, not overwhelming desire to get a kiss goodnight.  The only desire I had was to hurry up and get home.

Anyway, I think my time with Mr. Plenty of Fish number one is done.  I just don’t have the patience for someone who over joyed to hang out with me when they DON’T KNOW ME!

I finished my post about my Comic Con adventure this past weekend.  I’m just waiting to get my camera back to post all the pictures of the insane event. Also, this weekend is a very exciting one.  Not only do I get to visit Angie, BUT I also have a groupie adventure on Sunday.  Stay tuned….

As for all the dream interpretations, thank you very much guys!  They were all very helpful and extremely insightful.  I think once my vacation happens the odd/work related dreams will stop.


My Other Half Isn’t…At Girls Night

28 Sep

But at girl’s night you really shouldn’t be looking…

I met up with a few girls for dinner on Friday night to a restaurant called Pipa Tapas Bar and Grill.  When I tell you that this is the perfect date place, I’m not exaggerating.

The restaurant is dimly lit with beautiful chandeliers that bring out the decor of the place.  Candelight on each table just beg for couples to sit and hold hands as the gentelman proposes something extrordinary.

However, if you are single you probably won’t enjoy the fact that the place gets beyond PACKED on a Friday night.  When I say packed, I mean that it was impossible to “eye flirt” with the tall, tanned brunette by the bar because there were about twenty people between us and I’m only 5’1.

Anyway, during dinner the girls & I were discussing men and being single in the city when one girl made the suggestion of dating a banker.

According to her, bankers fall into two different categories.  You ahve the young guys who make more money than God that want to bed every girl they come across.  Then you have the young guys who just want to settle down, get married, live in the suburbs & get married.

The second type of banker is definitely something to look into.

Another suggestion was made; go to a sports bar during football season!

Pretty obvious huh? So obvious I didn’t even think of it.

Next stop was Flute Grammercy which has the set up for a “Sex and the City” night. It’s the perfect spot to go to after you get glammed up.  Put on your party dress, curl your hair, sit at the bar and flirt with the gorgeous bartender  that looks like he should be strapped with a guitar instead of serving people drinks. (I didn’t get a chance to flirt since I looked a horrid mess but I intend to fully doll up next time)

All in all it was a nice girls night which was nice to have after the drama I’ve had with my former sisters.

My Other Half Isn’t…At Happy Hour

27 Sep

The only way to describe how I am feeling is to compare it to the flu.  You’re sick in bed for weeks on end and then one day you wake up and realize that you’re cured; all better.

I won a happy hour for last Thursday.  After the last few weeks a free open bar for myself was exactly what I needed.

Well, in true Skylar fashion, I invited everyone I work with.  Yes, EVERYONE!

It’s probably because I’m a glutton for punishment.  That may be the honest truth. But, to make myself feel better, let’s just say it was so I have something to entertain you all with.

Well, the day before, I ended up asking Rob if he was coming and after thirty minutes of our normal banter, he instructed me to text him Thursday during the happy hour to remind him & he would come.

I’ve watched “He’s Just Not That Into You” enough to know what that means.

That my dear friend, Angie, threatened physical harm if I did it.

So, imagine my surprise when I’m drinking with my friends and he walks in without me having to remind him.

We talked, joked and the butterflies flew 80 miles per hour when he tole me that instead of going straight home (his mom was having a crisis) he came because he wasn’t going to just ditch me.

At the end of the night he kissed my cheek, left and I listened to Taylor Swift the whole ride home.  Then the next day…

Nothing. No pokes, no scares…nothing.

My roommate has declared that it’s time to let it go.

My dearest Nor has come up with (and probably accurate) conclusion that he’s mending fences so we could all hang out without their being awkwardness.  Friendship fences, folks, not romantic ones.

That leaves the question, “What does Skylar think?”

Well, Skylar is exhausted from wondering what every joke means.

I’m sick of asking for the advice of my guy friends.

Here’s the truth, a guy that really likes you isn’t going to make you wonder.  He’s just going to tell you and he’s going to continue to tell you until you get physically ill from hearing it.

Why? For the simple fact that after the age of 17, anything else is just unacceptable.

I went to dinner with my friend Gail on Tuesday who I hadn’t seen since December.  When I caught up with her she said it best with “What’s going on? You were always such a free spirit and now..?”

Now?  Now I’m done.  I’m completely done with the wondering and the day dreams.

Skylar Hope never went off chasing a guy. (Unless he was nominated for and American Music Award) and she isn’t going to start now.

So, with that said, I’m closing the book on my office drama. It’s just too high school for me.

Meanwhile, due to the fact that I couldn’t ditch my own happy hour, I missed meeting Vince Neil at Borders.

Shoot me immediately.

This guy from match.com wanted to take me as our first date because he knew I LOVE Motley Crue. Pretty impressive huh?  We are supposed to go out sometime this week and I’m actually kind of excited.

OH! I almost forgot the most important part of my story.

I finally booked my California Trip.  Here’s to sun, surf, rocker boys and most importantly my sisters of rock and roll.

Just a few weeks folks….

“My Other Half Isn’t…Steven Tyler or Joe Perry”

31 Aug

Steven and Joe Winning my Heart


How much money would it take for me to change that?  The riffs, the body, the voice….I’m official ruined for all men and I don’t even care!

Aerosmith was AMAZING!  When I tell you that I was ready to drop to my knees and thank the concert gods for the opportunity to see such talent, I’m not exaggerating.

My seats were amazing and I have to say I had a very magical night.

Not only did I have an overload of dirty fantasies involving Steve, Joe and sometimes both at the same time, but I also met a very nice boy.

A non musician boy.

This year my rocker type has been elusive so I have kept an open mind and dated outside my tattooed, guitar playing types.  Saturday night I met Aaron, (you guys should be used to alias’ by now) who was nothing but sweet from the moment I met him.

Which is why when we walked on the beach that night I let him kiss me.  That and I’ve always wanted to having a romantic kiss under a sky full of stars and the moon off in the distance.

Also, when he won be a blue stuffed frog on the boardwalk, I did slightly giggle in side.

Here lies the problem:  The moment I got home it was like the spell was completely over.  Was it just residual excitement from the show?  Did I really like him and am just slightly jaded?

Also, telling me this,  WHY, on the way home, did I spend the time thinking of …people who annoy me on a regular basis!  As a matter of fact, the only guys that completely get that moron out of my head are my musicians.  This is just ridiculous already.

All I know is that Aaron really is sweet and even sent me a text last night to tell me how much fun he had.  Then he added me on Facebook.  Then he sent me another text today.

Reading that sentence literally just screams out “Fort Skylar is worse than it was before” doesn’t it?

Well, in the words of my brilliant coworker, I’m keeping it “breezy”.  I refuse to put any meaning into anything that is said and I certainly refuse to fall into like with anyone right away.  I’m keeping my options open and I’m keeping my dating circle open.

Unless Steven of Joe call…then all bets are off.

My Other Half Isnt…My Date From Last Night (At Least For Now)

25 Aug

I am really beginning to HATE dating.  I am not sure who said that being a single gal in the city was all fun and cosmos but they lied.

With every date I go on my hope that there are gentleman out there diminishes to almost nonexistent proportions.  The dream of finding “the guy” is seemingly not worth it.  At the end of each date I go home and have a good laugh while thinking to myself that maybe my office romance was the best that I was going to get.

That’s how much I HATE dating.

Now, to be fair Mr OkCupid number one wasn’t bad.  He was charming and funny; with a cute irish accent.  If James Van Derbeek and Robert Pattinson had a baby, this guy would be their love child.  He even opened doors for me.

Onto why I’m pretty sure I wont hear from him again or he wont hear from me.

We met up at 730 and by 841 he says that he has to get going.  That’s fine.  I kind of wanted it to be an early night anyway but it just seemed very abrupt.

He never asked if I wanted anything else.  I had one beer and by the time I got home I was in dire need of anything cooked.

Mr. Okcupid number one apparently learned dating skills from Match.com guy number one because neither one of them walked me to the train station.

Maybe it’s me.  I could just be completely old-fashioned and want things in a specific way that doesn’t exist anymore.  Then again even my guy friend texted me back with the words “you are worth a dinner.”

It just seems that the closer my deadline gets, the more disgusted I get with the male population.  Where are the guys that all the love songs are about?  Where the hell is the guy that movies are based on??  Seriously, I’d like to know where the guys like Gerry (P.S. I love you), Jude (Across the Universe), Jack (Titanic), Landon (A Walk to Remember) and Noah (The Notebook) are!

Before the “those guys are fictional” comments begin let me just clarify.  I don’t want a star named after me.  I just want my chair pulled out.  I don’t want someone to read to me every night.  I just want someone to help me with my jacket.

Reasonable requests I think.

I think I may just take a break from the online dating thing for a week or two.  I still haven’t heard from Joey since our date last week so I’m thinking that’s a bust. 

Onto better news.

My photo shoot is scheduled for Friday so I’ll be sure to post those pictures as soon as they are taken.  Also, look for my Facebook link for videos, pictures and some fun tidbits that my mishaps provide me with.

Tomorrow I’m hanging out with my friend for a groupie adventure. (THANK GOD!)

Saturday is my Aerosmith show which is another reason to get on my knees and thank whoever is in charge up there.  After consistently going after Prince “I’m not 100% charming but I can get you to smile every once in a blue moon” I would just like to lust after Joe Perry for an hour and a half. 

What do you guys think?  Am I aiming my sights to high with unrealistic ideas of what relationships are supposed to be? For all you taken people, where did you meet your significant other?  Am I the only single gal who goes through all this crap?

Till next time,

Skylar Hope

“My Other Half Isn’t…Anyone That Thrives On Drama”

13 Jul

When a Bon Jovi song doesn’t help ease my aggravation, there is obviously something wrong.

You know the saying, “when it rains it pours”?  Well its a damned torrential downpour over on my side of the tracks.

First of all, I am absolutely tired of the drama that comes with girls.  It’s like a never-ending argument that just spins in circles and never gets to a new point.  You know that trip to Virginia?  A month later and we are STILL arguing over it.  It like a deadly virus that has affected each and every friendship that was exposed to that trip.

Moving on…

I like to ask you guys an opinion on something.  If you go out of your way to be a pain in someone’s ass with little joking remarks, once you get a reaction, would you spend the rest of the day ignoring them?

Yesterday was my company outing.  Now I PROMISED my friend that I was going to avoid Robert in an effort to move on, date new people and make new friends. In her words, “Say a polite hello and after five minutes excuse yourself and mingle with other people.”

Fabulous idea…in theory.

I get there and set up shop with some girls at the office and I am mingling.  Then, he gets there and (like old times) I get funny faces thrown at me.  I throw one back and immediately those stupid butterflies start having a party and I immediately begin to think that just MAYBE things are getting back to normal.

But, I PROMISED that I would mingle and avoid people.  Plus, I’m certainly not that girl who completely forgets things just because you give her a second of attention.

I politely get up and tell the girls that I’m heading to the pool and he immediately says some annoying remark which leads into 3 minute back and forth banter…just like old times.

That’s it. The rest of the day he spent hanging out with his boys while I spent it wandering around alone around the golf course. (Oh, and yes I did mingle with other people by the way) As for avoiding, it seemed that the more I tried to avoid, the more I would accidentally bump into him.  Then every time I did, he would make some moronic remark and then go on his merry way with his friends.

Listen, I do like the banter and the teasing.  That’s great but usually that leads into normal conversation and now its just this awkward kind of thing.  Is this like when you’re in grade school and if a boy likes you he pulls your hair and pinches you?  I mean, if that’s the case, wouldn’t after the third run in, he would excuse himself from his guy friends and hang with me for a bit?

I will admit that as much as I was putting myself out there to date other people I really was hoping that things would kind of go back to the way they were before.

I think yesterday just killed any hope I had for that.  I’m all for hanging out with your friends (I’m very pro choose your friends over a person you’re dating/seeing/crushing on/etc) but even if it were a case of him hanging with them and sending me a text once in a while, that would have been fine.

This is definitely a case of “He’s just not that into you” don’t you think?

Anyway, as for my search for Mr. Right out on the web, I’m making a few dates for this week and next so hopefully I’ll have some interesting stories for you guys soon enough.

On some good news, I’ve paid for my driving lessons and will being learning the rules of the road ASAP!  I actually have to call today to schedule my classes.  I am very excited to be doing some new that’s for MYSELF.

This week my best friend Angie is coming to visit.  She is the only person in the world who knows each and every corner of my mind.  You know how Steven Tyler and Joe Perry were the toxic twins? Well, she and I were the toxic twins as for as emotional turmoil and bad luck.  I’m meeting her for lunch and hopefully for some Taylor Swift karaoke later on tonight.  Nothing like saying, “I’m over you and I’m ready to meet someone great” like  a few bars of “You belong with me”….

My Other Half Isn’t…Going To Be Stuck At Home This Summer

25 Jun

Its that time again folks.....courtesy of google image search.

The past week has been nothing but, and pardon my language, a cluster fuck.  It is like the majority of people I knew got together and decided to see how far they could push me before I snapped. 

The “Virginia” situation came up again this week and started and all out battle.  (Mind you it’s been a month already) 

My seemingly “normal” status with my coworker has again become awkward after yesterday so that just added to my misery.

I turned down a groupie adventure on the high seas do to a cash flow problem.

Yes, ladies and gents, a definite cluster fuck.

Anyway, last night I began thinking of my little experiment and how my life just seems to be drifting from what it used to be.  Even though I have yet to find this “other half” at concerts, at work, at happy hours,etc  I keep going to the same places and going after the same people.  It’s like beating a dead horse.  What I need is to remove myself from the drama that people have brought to my life and get some new experiences. 

I need to go to new places and meet new people.  The summer has always been my favorite season and it never fails to add some magic into my life. 

With that said, I have composed a list of things to do for the summer.  Hopefully, I’ll gain new friends, have some new NON MUSICIAN adventures and find that other half.

Summer Plans 2010

1. Get my license:  I took drivers ed in high school and never took the road test.  Last summer I finally got my permit again after letting expire and STILL have not taken a lesson.  It’s time to bite the bullet and finish something I started ten years ago.

2.Get my passport: I really want to go to England, Scotland, Ireland, Rome and Australia.  You know what would be SUPER helpful in this?  Getting MY PASSPORT!  I’ve always wanted to have an overseas run away romance with a Gerard Butler type.   My goal is to save the money I would spend on shows and go to one of the above places mid next year.

3. Take guitar lessons:  Before my Grandpa passed away he had told my brother and I that he wanted us to learn how to play at least ONE instrument.  According to him, and he was a very brilliant man, music would open doors to countless friendships.  I think I’ve exhausted the fan road and would like to fulfill that hope he had for me.  After all he did leave me his guitar when he passed on.

4. Go to New Orleans:  I dread my birthday every year.  EVERY year my birthday is ruined my supposed friends, drama and random family issues.  This year I’ve decided that I am leaving everyone behind and going to New Orleans to celebrate my 26th year.  I am absolutely fascinated with ghosts and fortune tellers and I think that going to a place where that is a large part of the culture will do me some good. 

5:Take a dance class:  Once upon a time I actually took three years of tap and fell in love with it.  Any stress I had would be completely forgotten on stage.  I think that maybe learning something new will help me make new friends and give my personality a breath of fresh air.

6: Have a magical all nighter in Manhattan: This one is for when I do find that guy.  If i could spend all night walking around the city with him just talking, I’ll know that it must be serious. 

7: Skylar, meet the boys of eharmoney/match.com:  Yes, it’s that time.  In August I ill officially have ONLY a year to find my other half and since he isn’t anywhere I’ve searched, its time to search a larger area.

8:  Get this blog on Facebook:  The more readers I get out there, the more entertaining I can do and the more of a shot I have at finding this allusive soul mate of mine. 

Any other suggestions folks?  I’ve been reading through all your comments and I appreciate every one!  I am always surprised to get any sort of comment on here.

With that, I’m sure in getting to know me through these posts you guys may have suggestions at what I can do to make this journey a bit more positive. 

Till next time, Happy Friday everyone!