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My Other Half Has Been MIA. Have you seen him??

14 Mar

Alright, I know I’ve been COMPLETELY MIA for about three months or so.  I’m sure that the people who used to read this blog have since given up on keeping up with the messy story that my love life had become last year.  However I am sure that there are at least one two that really did enjoy my rants on men and keeping up with my groupie endevours so let’s jump in shall we?


December was a MESS.  After the Christmas party I kind of went into a camatose state.  Never really fully awake, I barely would make it through the day without crying.  Then once home i’d drink in order to sleep and STILL dream about work and all the people who had infultrated my peace of mind.  It just got to this point where I hated being away but couldnt even enjoy being asleep!!!  Every Taylor Swift song would cause me to cry in hysterics and there just wasnt anything I could really do except to marinate in this dark state of depression I had buried myself within.  Towards the end of the month I decided that I couldn’t do it anymore.  Work was getting to me, seeing people that I didnt want to see was just agonizing and I made a promise to myself.  I would COMPLETELY start over in January.  The moment midnight hit I would let the magic of a new year take over.  It would be a clean slate. Anyone that I knew that pissed me off in 2010 DID NOT exist.  Anything that upset me, never happened.  Most of all, if I dated anyone in 2010, guess what??? It NEVER happened.  Nope.  Completely blocked out from my memory.  2011 would be all about a fresh start, having fun, having adventures, and NOT looking back.  With that said, I celebrated New Years Eve with my friends, some new and some old, and felt the poison of the previous year slip away at midnight.


January first I spent with Donnie Wahlberg.  No, I’m serious.  This is the way I saw it: the only way to completely purge my soul of any “normie” presense (Note: Normie describes a guy who is a liar, cheat, whore, selfish, prick, asshole, etc etc etc.  A guy who seems to be the “norm”. ) was to have it exorcised by a rockstar.  Donnie was having this “Day One” party at Mohegan Sun so Angie and I packed our hungover selves and headed to Connecticut.  My first kiss of 2011 was from a member of New Kids on The Block. (Get your minds out of the gutter!  It was very innocent and trust me…anyone who asked got one. lol)  THAT is the ONLY way to celebrate the first day of the new year.

Donnie and I at the "Day One" party

January is definitely a haze for me. However, in between the girl’s nights and endless happy hours and basketball games, I managed to get that music website up and running.

Ladies and gents, I would like to present to you the official website of the Plastics, http://www.theplasticsprofessionalgroupies.com  For all music reviews, band promotions, musician interviews; please visit and poke around a bit.  It is still in its beginning stages but I am very proud of it.  All the girls are working hard and it really could be something grand if we put our minds to it.



February brought my dear Katie to me from cheery ole London.  Katie is a fellow groupie and probably more of a free spirited soul than I am.  We saw all the great music sites (strawberry fields, the former home of TRL, the Dakota), did some major damage downtown (Really…we bar hopped and while on a ciggie break, SOMEONE got sick on the front steps of the bar.  Very rock and roll), introduced her to cold stone and junior’s cheese cake and FINALLY saw 30 seconds to Mars in concert.  Want to know why men in your local neighborhood suck???  Well, God spent ALOT of time on the masterpiece that is Jared Joseph Leto.

Katie and I with our backstage passes

Jared Leto in CT


Unfortunately I spent the rest of February sick with the flu that would NOT go away.  I even took a sick day with no musician in sight.


March (as of right now)

It’s been nothing but work work work. Office work and website work.  I conducted my first interview since college with an up and coming singer which was very exciting.  The last time I interviewed someone was probably the Senator of New York for my college paper.  I don’ t think I realized how much a missed it until I started working on the site.  As for my job that provides me the check, things are still rough.  Sometimes it’s so bad that liquor and I really have become best friends.  Other times it’s like a social gathering with the gal pals I have around the office.  No awkward moments to report on.  After all, nothing happened last year and I don’t talk to “normies”.

Oh!  I also went to see Bon Jovi at Madison Square Garden.  ANOTHER reason why the guys in your neightborhood suck.

Well, what’s next?  Is my goal still the same?  The way I see it, the only way to get THAT guy is to make sure I’m okay.  I have to have my ducks in a row and i’m comfortable with everything around me.  I’m following my dreams, I’m hanging with my girls and if he comes around, then he’ll come around.  I’m still on plenty of fish but that’s about it.  I’m planning to do this themed speed dating that caters to “girls who like accidents”. (whatever, blame it on Jim Sturgees and Gerard Butler)  Oh, and of course there is St Patrick’s Day on Thursday.

So for all the old readers still around, get ready for some fun times ahead.  For all you newbies, forgive my ramblings from time to time.  In the words of Bon Jovi “Buckle up, baby, its a bumpy ride.”



My Other Half Isn’t…at an Aaron Carter Concert

18 Oct

I didn’t think he would be but I’ve never said no to a music adventure and a chance to hang out with friends. So when I found out that Aaron Carter was playing at this small club downtown called Crash Mansion, I immediately jumped on the chance to go.

I had never seen him perform live and I had never been to the venue so I figured that it would be an all around interesting experience.

Let me just say that I remember Aaron Carter this way


This was way back when he was singing about throwing parties when his parents weren’t home and reminding all the young ladies out there that he wanted candy.

Then gradually he began inviting us ladies to the “backseat with baby Backstreet” and assuring us that “we need some sugar” because “we’re only human”.

Well even with the baby steps to more adult music,  I was a bit surprised to see this



and this…



As he began to sing about his ability to “turn you out” it was obvious that the days of teen beat covers were long gone.  You know what?  I liked it.  I liked it to the point that when his new cd comes out, I’ll be buying it.  I liked it to the point that when he goes on tour, I’ll be there and writing all about it.


Because with only four songs I was completely hooked onto every mix of hip hop and pop beat.  Also, because the venue was so small, there were no flashing lights and pyrotechnics to create a good show.  This was achieved by the individual attention Aaron provided to his fans and the flashy dance moves to each song.

Also, the fact that he tore his shirt off towards the end of his set didn’t hurt either.

Now, I have been to A LOT of meet and greets but his had to be within my top five.

While, most artist barely look at you during a meet and greet, he spent no less than five minutes with each person at the club last night.  No, I’m not talking about a “hey, how are you” kind of thing.  It was more of an actual conversation which was COMPLETELY different from most meet and greets you go to.  Plus, most artists let their security and/or the venue’s staff dictate how much time each person gets.

Yet, even after repeated requests to keep the line going, Aaron ignored them and continued to give the crowd what they wanted.

Now before you readers begin to wonder if my search for Mr. Right has been put on hold for musical adventures, I assure you that isn’t the case.  As a matter of fact Crash Mansion actually seems like a really cool place to hang out on a regular and I fully intend on going there again very soon.

Until then, below are a few more pictures from the show and my pictures with Aaron.  If my search for Mr. Right keeps leading me to concerts, trips, and random events, I can continue you this WAY past my deadline.

Aaron and I acting silly

One for the wall of adventure

My Other Half Isn’t…Someone Who Can’t Cheer Me Up

9 Sep


Alright, I will be the first to admit that this week I have been more than a bit morose.  Truthfully, I have been in a complete fog since Saturday and I don’t even have the energy to fight this ever-growing gray cloud over me. 

It probably started with the realization that my own “Regina” has nearly succeeded in fading me out from our circle of friends.  I find it impressive that someone who has blown off important functions, talked about her friends behind their back, and has shown little or no compassion towards any serious situation in their life can come up on top in this situation.  I bow down gracefully and shrug my shoulders at this point.  Karma is a bitch and I will sit back and watch with glee when the truth all comes out.  Until then, it’s all kind of taking its toll on my patience. 

Then there is work.  There used to be a time when I couldn’t WAIT to come to work. 

There also used to be a time when I believed that Santa would leave the keys to a shiny mustang convertible underneath the tree.  (Hey, Barbie had one so why couldn’t my five-year old self have one too!) 

Dealing with piles of paperwork everyday, talking on the phone to rude people, and being stuck on the ONE floor I don’t want to be on is slowly getting me antsy. 

Not to mention that if I must have one more polite, awkward, conversation with certain people I will shoot myself.  It isn’t fun to poor yourself some coffee and politely chatter about work while trying not to cry all over your new work appropriate top. 

With every file I put away I feel handcuffs gripping tighter. 

Every hollow smile leaves me with this overwhelming desire to go into fits of crying. 

This week has been the kind of week that my other half would have been useful in. 

The funny thing is that when you like someone, it doesn’t take much for them to make you feel better.  A joke, a funny face, a kind word and a friendly ear would have probably cured me from this nagging feeling of disgust. 

Even one of those heart stopping, soul meshing hugs that ONLY your other half can give you would have calmed the storm. 

“It’ll be alright.” 

“You’ll get through this.” 

“Why don’t we just hop in the car and drive until we run out gas.” 


Although, I have to say that with my luck he would have been one of the morons who nod politely, listen and then complain about whatever is on his mind. 

Oh well, until then I guess I have to settle for making myself feel better in the way I’ve come to know and appreciate 

My Blog 


                   My Concerts 

Vince Neil will be in NYC in September!

 My Sisters….the ones I have left… 

And my television shows feature gorgeous GORGEOUS men.. 

Stefan and Damon

Ah, yes, the season Premiere of Vampire Diaries is on tonight.  The very thought of spending my evening with both Stefan and Damon is enough to brighten up this hellish day.  Putting aside the whole blood lust thing, they really are the perfect guys. 

Here’s hope that tomorrow will bring something great and that the sun will shed some light on my gray cloud… 


My Other Half Isnt…My Date From Last Night (At Least For Now)

25 Aug

I am really beginning to HATE dating.  I am not sure who said that being a single gal in the city was all fun and cosmos but they lied.

With every date I go on my hope that there are gentleman out there diminishes to almost nonexistent proportions.  The dream of finding “the guy” is seemingly not worth it.  At the end of each date I go home and have a good laugh while thinking to myself that maybe my office romance was the best that I was going to get.

That’s how much I HATE dating.

Now, to be fair Mr OkCupid number one wasn’t bad.  He was charming and funny; with a cute irish accent.  If James Van Derbeek and Robert Pattinson had a baby, this guy would be their love child.  He even opened doors for me.

Onto why I’m pretty sure I wont hear from him again or he wont hear from me.

We met up at 730 and by 841 he says that he has to get going.  That’s fine.  I kind of wanted it to be an early night anyway but it just seemed very abrupt.

He never asked if I wanted anything else.  I had one beer and by the time I got home I was in dire need of anything cooked.

Mr. Okcupid number one apparently learned dating skills from Match.com guy number one because neither one of them walked me to the train station.

Maybe it’s me.  I could just be completely old-fashioned and want things in a specific way that doesn’t exist anymore.  Then again even my guy friend texted me back with the words “you are worth a dinner.”

It just seems that the closer my deadline gets, the more disgusted I get with the male population.  Where are the guys that all the love songs are about?  Where the hell is the guy that movies are based on??  Seriously, I’d like to know where the guys like Gerry (P.S. I love you), Jude (Across the Universe), Jack (Titanic), Landon (A Walk to Remember) and Noah (The Notebook) are!

Before the “those guys are fictional” comments begin let me just clarify.  I don’t want a star named after me.  I just want my chair pulled out.  I don’t want someone to read to me every night.  I just want someone to help me with my jacket.

Reasonable requests I think.

I think I may just take a break from the online dating thing for a week or two.  I still haven’t heard from Joey since our date last week so I’m thinking that’s a bust. 

Onto better news.

My photo shoot is scheduled for Friday so I’ll be sure to post those pictures as soon as they are taken.  Also, look for my Facebook link for videos, pictures and some fun tidbits that my mishaps provide me with.

Tomorrow I’m hanging out with my friend for a groupie adventure. (THANK GOD!)

Saturday is my Aerosmith show which is another reason to get on my knees and thank whoever is in charge up there.  After consistently going after Prince “I’m not 100% charming but I can get you to smile every once in a blue moon” I would just like to lust after Joe Perry for an hour and a half. 

What do you guys think?  Am I aiming my sights to high with unrealistic ideas of what relationships are supposed to be? For all you taken people, where did you meet your significant other?  Am I the only single gal who goes through all this crap?

Till next time,

Skylar Hope