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My Other Half Isn’t…At Happy Hour

27 Sep

The only way to describe how I am feeling is to compare it to the flu.  You’re sick in bed for weeks on end and then one day you wake up and realize that you’re cured; all better.

I won a happy hour for last Thursday.  After the last few weeks a free open bar for myself was exactly what I needed.

Well, in true Skylar fashion, I invited everyone I work with.  Yes, EVERYONE!

It’s probably because I’m a glutton for punishment.  That may be the honest truth. But, to make myself feel better, let’s just say it was so I have something to entertain you all with.

Well, the day before, I ended up asking Rob if he was coming and after thirty minutes of our normal banter, he instructed me to text him Thursday during the happy hour to remind him & he would come.

I’ve watched “He’s Just Not That Into You” enough to know what that means.

That my dear friend, Angie, threatened physical harm if I did it.

So, imagine my surprise when I’m drinking with my friends and he walks in without me having to remind him.

We talked, joked and the butterflies flew 80 miles per hour when he tole me that instead of going straight home (his mom was having a crisis) he came because he wasn’t going to just ditch me.

At the end of the night he kissed my cheek, left and I listened to Taylor Swift the whole ride home.  Then the next day…

Nothing. No pokes, no scares…nothing.

My roommate has declared that it’s time to let it go.

My dearest Nor has come up with (and probably accurate) conclusion that he’s mending fences so we could all hang out without their being awkwardness.  Friendship fences, folks, not romantic ones.

That leaves the question, “What does Skylar think?”

Well, Skylar is exhausted from wondering what every joke means.

I’m sick of asking for the advice of my guy friends.

Here’s the truth, a guy that really likes you isn’t going to make you wonder.  He’s just going to tell you and he’s going to continue to tell you until you get physically ill from hearing it.

Why? For the simple fact that after the age of 17, anything else is just unacceptable.

I went to dinner with my friend Gail on Tuesday who I hadn’t seen since December.  When I caught up with her she said it best with “What’s going on? You were always such a free spirit and now..?”

Now?  Now I’m done.  I’m completely done with the wondering and the day dreams.

Skylar Hope never went off chasing a guy. (Unless he was nominated for and American Music Award) and she isn’t going to start now.

So, with that said, I’m closing the book on my office drama. It’s just too high school for me.

Meanwhile, due to the fact that I couldn’t ditch my own happy hour, I missed meeting Vince Neil at Borders.

Shoot me immediately.

This guy from match.com wanted to take me as our first date because he knew I LOVE Motley Crue. Pretty impressive huh?  We are supposed to go out sometime this week and I’m actually kind of excited.

OH! I almost forgot the most important part of my story.

I finally booked my California Trip.  Here’s to sun, surf, rocker boys and most importantly my sisters of rock and roll.

Just a few weeks folks….