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My Other Half Isn’t…at an Aaron Carter Concert

18 Oct

I didn’t think he would be but I’ve never said no to a music adventure and a chance to hang out with friends. So when I found out that Aaron Carter was playing at this small club downtown called Crash Mansion, I immediately jumped on the chance to go.

I had never seen him perform live and I had never been to the venue so I figured that it would be an all around interesting experience.

Let me just say that I remember Aaron Carter this way


This was way back when he was singing about throwing parties when his parents weren’t home and reminding all the young ladies out there that he wanted candy.

Then gradually he began inviting us ladies to the “backseat with baby Backstreet” and assuring us that “we need some sugar” because “we’re only human”.

Well even with the baby steps to more adult music,  I was a bit surprised to see this



and this…



As he began to sing about his ability to “turn you out” it was obvious that the days of teen beat covers were long gone.  You know what?  I liked it.  I liked it to the point that when his new cd comes out, I’ll be buying it.  I liked it to the point that when he goes on tour, I’ll be there and writing all about it.


Because with only four songs I was completely hooked onto every mix of hip hop and pop beat.  Also, because the venue was so small, there were no flashing lights and pyrotechnics to create a good show.  This was achieved by the individual attention Aaron provided to his fans and the flashy dance moves to each song.

Also, the fact that he tore his shirt off towards the end of his set didn’t hurt either.

Now, I have been to A LOT of meet and greets but his had to be within my top five.

While, most artist barely look at you during a meet and greet, he spent no less than five minutes with each person at the club last night.  No, I’m not talking about a “hey, how are you” kind of thing.  It was more of an actual conversation which was COMPLETELY different from most meet and greets you go to.  Plus, most artists let their security and/or the venue’s staff dictate how much time each person gets.

Yet, even after repeated requests to keep the line going, Aaron ignored them and continued to give the crowd what they wanted.

Now before you readers begin to wonder if my search for Mr. Right has been put on hold for musical adventures, I assure you that isn’t the case.  As a matter of fact Crash Mansion actually seems like a really cool place to hang out on a regular and I fully intend on going there again very soon.

Until then, below are a few more pictures from the show and my pictures with Aaron.  If my search for Mr. Right keeps leading me to concerts, trips, and random events, I can continue you this WAY past my deadline.

Aaron and I acting silly

One for the wall of adventure