It’s all about self torture…

10 Dec

Last night was my Christmas Party; the event i’ve been dreading since the summer. I figured I’d either a. end up listening to happy taylor swift songs and skipping to my hotel room OR b. listening to sad taylor swift songs and crying in my hotel room.

Ladies and Gents, it was all about choice B last night.

I can even begin to describe the cluster fuck of last night but I will say that I looked fabulous in my 92 dollar shoes and 44 dollar dress.

I guess you HAVE to look your best when opening up old wounds, right?

Last time this happened I flew to California and all was well with the world. Now, I’m stuck in a state I HATE with no escape in sight.

So these are my choices now; date more often. Date like I’ve never dated before. OR (and this is the choice im leaning towards) staying in bed until the new year.


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