“My Other Half MIGHT BE Someone From This Weekend”

27 Oct


Anyone who has been keeping up with my blog knows that for the past few weeks I’ve just been stumbling through the motions of whatever life has thrown at me. Becoming more and more distant from any kind of feeling other than empty, I’ve thrown myself into my groupie adventures, mini escapes and more match.com searches than I really should be doing between nine to five.

Then today I woke up and everything was different.

It all began on Friday. That night I set up a date with Mr. Rocker, a gentleman I had been talking to over emails for over a month. He was older, knew all about 80’s music and made me laugh with each email that was sent.

All day long I was in a bad mood. The only thing I wanted to do was go home, open a bottle of jack and watch an unrealistic girlie film.

Then my new crush walked into the office.

Now, before you all reread that sentence and think, “Skylar, really? Did we not learn a lesson with the last job fiasco?” let me make something clear. Jeff (which by now you know is another alias) doesn’t work here. He usually comes here from time to time to drop off files and have polite conversations with employees he’s come to know well by now.

On previous occasions when Jeff has come in I always talk to him and always think of how cute he is. However, this time, it was full-blown butterflies and toe numbing sensations.

You know in the cartoons when the main character falls for another and their eyes turn into hearts while their tongue rolls out of their mouth?

That was me on Friday. It was me, complete with the blushing and giggling after he left.

Onto my date with Mr. Rocker.

Mr. R was probably one of the sweetest guys I’ve met in a really long time. He met me at the train station and took me to this Italian Restaurant I’ve never been to before. He ordered for me, which has never been done in all the dates I’ve been on. There were no awkward lulls in conversations. We joked, talked about random topics and all the while NOT ONE thought about Rob entered my mind. For the first time on any of my dates he didn’t creep into my mind and you know what?

It didn’t even hit me until I was snuggled up in bed at the end of the night.

Anyway, I got a hug and a kiss on the cheek when he walked me to the train station. All in all it was a really great date. FINALLY, a match.com date that didn’t make me want to become a nun.

Part Two

Over the course of this year I have really distanced myself from my belief that non groupie gals can be friends. Not only that, but I also had begun to believe that, maybe, girls my age and I would never find common ground.

Then, Saturday happened.

Can I just tell you that I haven’t laughed so hard in MONTHS with girls my own age? It was absolutely lovely to have a conversation with a group of girls and not have to look at my back to be sure that knife wasn’t being thrust in.

Miss H, Miss J, and Miss V and I decided to go to the city and just go completely nuts. Not nuts in the, “Oh dear GOD how did I end up in this strange guys apartment”, but nuts in the “I am so hung over but it was SO WORTH IT!”

Our first stop was at this pub that I have come to known through awkward happy hours. Then came another bar with AMAZING stuffed potato skins and an impromptu sing along of Otown’s “All or Nothing”. Also, turns out that bar jukeboxes have songs by the fake boy band “Together”.

(Let’s not pretend that every girl in her 20’s doesn’t remember the hit song “Calculus” and the dance that went with it.”

Then the four of us went on to an 80’s club where we started yelling out the words to “Whip It”. (it’ll be played at my wedding)

Now, this is probably where I realized how important it was to have a group of gal pals that you could have nights like that. All a girl really needs is a night without drama, with smiles and laughter, and (apparently) tipsy discussions on how we should get matching tattoos to commemorate the night. (Which, even though not done Saturday, will probably be done on another upcoming girl’s night)

Every twenty something girl in New York has probably always had the fantasy to go to Coyote Ugly. Personally, ever since I saw the movie, I have a wild girl fantasy of dancing on top of the bar to an 80’s stripper anthem like “Poor Some Sugar on Me”.

Biggest disappointment ever.

The girl’s were off rhythm and the bar was actually pretty empty for a Saturday night. It wasn’t NEARLY as cool as the movie made it out to be.

Perhaps the most random part of the evening was when we picked up a group of sailors and partied with them at the last bar of the night.

In comes Charlie into my own personal sitcom.

Numbers were exchanged but will a future meeting be held? I’m honestly not sure. I am not sure about any male that stumbles into my life anymore.

The only real certainty is that for the first time, in a very long time, I didn’t feel numb. Usually my numbness is temporary fixed with a concert or a random rock star meeting.

But, it was fixed by my girls this time. It was fixed by random meetings, inside jokes, and the final realization that all my previous chapters are over and there is no need to think about it anymore.

Anyway, THAT was my weekend and I hope you all had just as much fun as I did.

In other news, tonight I’m going to see Miss Taylor Swift and I’m HIGHLY excited about it. If you haven’t picked up “Speak” yet, go now and get it. Every song on there seems to be directly connected to some drama in my life and I’m sure you’ll feel the same way.

Thursday is my company happy hour…imagine my delight. I fully intend on leaving early though.

Saturday I am leaving for the warmth of the West Coast. I truly can’t wait. It’s always nice to go back and visit the one place you KNOW you belong.


2 Responses to ““My Other Half MIGHT BE Someone From This Weekend””

  1. Cat Cubie November 22, 2010 at 6:43 pm #

    I’m totally with you about gal pals…

    I see you haven’t posted since Oct 27th? so tell me, who have you been cozying up with? Mr Rocker?


    • Skylar Hope December 2, 2010 at 2:19 pm #

      lol, no. I haven’t been cuddling with mr. rocker. Work had just gotten insane. 🙂

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