My Other Half Isn’t…At Girls Night

28 Sep

But at girl’s night you really shouldn’t be looking…

I met up with a few girls for dinner on Friday night to a restaurant called Pipa Tapas Bar and Grill.  When I tell you that this is the perfect date place, I’m not exaggerating.

The restaurant is dimly lit with beautiful chandeliers that bring out the decor of the place.  Candelight on each table just beg for couples to sit and hold hands as the gentelman proposes something extrordinary.

However, if you are single you probably won’t enjoy the fact that the place gets beyond PACKED on a Friday night.  When I say packed, I mean that it was impossible to “eye flirt” with the tall, tanned brunette by the bar because there were about twenty people between us and I’m only 5’1.

Anyway, during dinner the girls & I were discussing men and being single in the city when one girl made the suggestion of dating a banker.

According to her, bankers fall into two different categories.  You ahve the young guys who make more money than God that want to bed every girl they come across.  Then you have the young guys who just want to settle down, get married, live in the suburbs & get married.

The second type of banker is definitely something to look into.

Another suggestion was made; go to a sports bar during football season!

Pretty obvious huh? So obvious I didn’t even think of it.

Next stop was Flute Grammercy which has the set up for a “Sex and the City” night. It’s the perfect spot to go to after you get glammed up.  Put on your party dress, curl your hair, sit at the bar and flirt with the gorgeous bartender  that looks like he should be strapped with a guitar instead of serving people drinks. (I didn’t get a chance to flirt since I looked a horrid mess but I intend to fully doll up next time)

All in all it was a nice girls night which was nice to have after the drama I’ve had with my former sisters.


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