“My Other Half Isn’t…Steven Tyler or Joe Perry”

31 Aug

Steven and Joe Winning my Heart


How much money would it take for me to change that?  The riffs, the body, the voice….I’m official ruined for all men and I don’t even care!

Aerosmith was AMAZING!  When I tell you that I was ready to drop to my knees and thank the concert gods for the opportunity to see such talent, I’m not exaggerating.

My seats were amazing and I have to say I had a very magical night.

Not only did I have an overload of dirty fantasies involving Steve, Joe and sometimes both at the same time, but I also met a very nice boy.

A non musician boy.

This year my rocker type has been elusive so I have kept an open mind and dated outside my tattooed, guitar playing types.  Saturday night I met Aaron, (you guys should be used to alias’ by now) who was nothing but sweet from the moment I met him.

Which is why when we walked on the beach that night I let him kiss me.  That and I’ve always wanted to having a romantic kiss under a sky full of stars and the moon off in the distance.

Also, when he won be a blue stuffed frog on the boardwalk, I did slightly giggle in side.

Here lies the problem:  The moment I got home it was like the spell was completely over.  Was it just residual excitement from the show?  Did I really like him and am just slightly jaded?

Also, telling me this,  WHY, on the way home, did I spend the time thinking of …people who annoy me on a regular basis!  As a matter of fact, the only guys that completely get that moron out of my head are my musicians.  This is just ridiculous already.

All I know is that Aaron really is sweet and even sent me a text last night to tell me how much fun he had.  Then he added me on Facebook.  Then he sent me another text today.

Reading that sentence literally just screams out “Fort Skylar is worse than it was before” doesn’t it?

Well, in the words of my brilliant coworker, I’m keeping it “breezy”.  I refuse to put any meaning into anything that is said and I certainly refuse to fall into like with anyone right away.  I’m keeping my options open and I’m keeping my dating circle open.

Unless Steven of Joe call…then all bets are off.


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