My Other Half COULD Be…(that’s right folks, I SAID IT)..Mr Match #2

17 Aug

I know you regular readers are probably reading the title COMPLETELY confused.  I know most have probably gotten very used to me bashing the other sex and pointing out time and time again how great they are at lying.

Don’t worry, there will be some of that later.

For the past two weeks I’ve been talking to Match guy #2 via text and email.  We agreed to meet yesterday (Monday) for a drink just to get to know each other better.

Well, unlike my first online date, he was there early, held the door opened for me, consistently asked if I wanted anything else and we even walked to the train together.

What was one drink actually turned into about three or four and a four-hour date.

All in all he was very sweet, funny and charming.  As a matter of fact, it was such a great date that I will give him a blog name; Joey.

I once read in an article that a girl isn’t supposed to text message a guy once she gets home to thank him if she had a nice time.  I never agreed with that.  It just seems rude if you don’t.

Anyway I did once I got home and he replied that he was glad and that we have to “people watch soon”.

Which brings me to a random, yet vitally important observation about the male/female mating dance.

At the bar there were these two girls who looked like the JUST turned 21 surrounded by men that looked like they were no younger than 42.  Please explain what a 42-year-old man has in common with a 21-year-old?

The answer; nothing.  How do I know?  Well, because there was barely any conversation until the Jameson shots began flowing and then suddenly one of the two girls was just “Chatty Cathy”.

Men, I can NOT stress this enough, just like you will say anything to get laid a girl in her 20’s will say anything to get a few free drinks.  Oh, and just like you like to bang a girl and basically kick her out of your bed she will take her free drinks, excuse herself to the bathroom and never return.

Stick to your own age ranges boys.  It’s really creepy for a man pushing 50 to flirt with a bunch of high school girls with a fake ID.

Moving on…

Monday was an odd day for another reason as well.  If you really don’t talk to a person you used to date, WHY would you email them venting about how busy work is getting for you?

My days are literally spent avoiding any area where Robert may be working.  Mainly because I feel one of two things; either this insane urge to throw a heavy office supply directly at his head or massive amounts of butterflies that just wont seem to go away no matter how much I remind myself of how much of a jerk he can be.

Well, on Monday he decides to email me and ask how my birthday went which went into a conversation of how he spent some time with his baby relative (cue in butterflies here) which led into the whole conversation of how crazed his days have become due to his work.

I don’t know what’s worse; the fact that he had the nerve to even vent to me or the fact I actually felt genuinely bad for him.

My social life seems to be taking an upward swing.  Tomorrow I have a date with Okcupid guy #1 and a date with Match guy #3 on Friday.

However the most exciting thing about this week aren’t the dates I’ll be going on or the amazing time I had on Monday.

On Thursday I’ll be having dinner with my old high school partner in crime.  I haven’t seen her since graduation and I am more than thrilled that we are reconnecting.  She is one of the few sisters I have that wasn’t just a sister you could call upon when you had a problem.  No, Miss J was a friend that you could even call upon to stand outside the Trump International Hotel to wait for your favorite boy band member with you.

Groupie sisters are sisters for life if you hadn’t notice by now.

Speaking of my undying love for rock and roll, Aerosmith, Bret Michaels and Vince Neil will all be in the tri-state are in the next month and I intend on being at all of them.  It’s been a while since I lusted after guitar swinging men and after my daily awkward situations at work AND awful date with Match guy #1, I deserve it.

Who knows, I may even find my other half at any of the above three shows!

Signing off for now.  Hopefully, I’ll have another great date tomorrow.


One Response to “My Other Half COULD Be…(that’s right folks, I SAID IT)..Mr Match #2”

  1. Amirah August 20, 2010 at 7:19 am #

    Heyy..I love your blog ! It’s like reading a chic-lit novel..Keep it up ! =)

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