My Other Half Isnt…On Time….

3 Aug

But apparently everyone else’s soul mate is right on schedule.

Before I begin with my current grievance, I’ll have to take you back to about 14 years ago.  The year was 1997 and I was in junior high school with my best friend at the time, Lucy.  (For lack of extra funds names have been changed to avoid getting sued)

  In 1997 Lucy and I had a distinct plan for our futures.  She wanted to grow up, become a psychologist, and marry a man who was

Like most little girls we both planned out our weddings in detail. (photo from

loaded.  She wanted a guy who would be more than capable of supporting her because what was the point in marrying poor.  Then and ONLY then would she have kids but the career and the husband with a black credit card had to come first.

I, on the other half, wanted to either write or be an actress. I wanted the husband, the kids, and the big house with the huge backyard where we could all relax in the California summer months.  No, the job didn’t have to come first.  As a matter of fact, the husband and the kids were the bigger want in this picture of my future.

Flash forward to the high school years when the dream was still the same but the friendship was ever-changing.  She began to hang out with a crowd who thought it was cool to go to some restaurant in the city that didn’t card and get hammered at age 15.  Her attitude began to change and, of course, I didn’t really like the person that my former friend was becoming.

We went to two different colleges and I had lost touch with her but had heard some stories about her.  Her favorite thing in college was the hang out and get trashed.  I remember herself telling me about random hook ups and things of that nature. 

Meanwhile, my college years were spent going to school full-time, working and spending my free time studying to be sure my financial aid would continue.  Obviously my dream of acting had faded away with my Barbie play time and my fantasies of marrying Leonardo DiCaprio.  Now, all I wanted to do was fall in love, get married, have babies and write. 

With all this said, could SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN how I found on Saturday that Miss Lucy just got engaged earlier last week?  I have done nothing but played by the rules and had genuine wants to fall in love (no matter how much money the guy had) and yet…im single.  Completely, whole heartedly and utterly single. 

Yet, SOMEONE who spent the majority of her life planning how to spend her future husband’s cash has found HER other half?

My friend Angie told me this on Saturday and I immediately called my mother to inform her that she will be left without grandchildren because I am OBVIOUSLY meant to die alone and be a spinster!

Dont think so?  Think I’m over reacting?  Well wait until my next post when I tell you all about my date with my first guy….


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