My Other Half Isnt…Mr. #1

3 Aug

Everyday that passes I find myself considering the life of a nun more and more.  It seems like a good life; a place to live, three meals a day and (most importantly) NO MEN!

Look for me at the local convent. (Photo from

I mean, the only male that you even need to concern yourself with is the priest of your parish and Jesus which eliminates the stress that the opposite sex causes on a consistent basis.

Last night I went out with Mr. #1.

As far as I was concerned he already had a few points because he wasn’t an accountant. 

Those points were quickly diminished when he showed up 30 minutes late.  Now, to be fair, he did text to let me know that he would be 10 minutes late.  When he got there he apologized.  Still, how could you be 30 minutes late when you live in the area?

Next was the very awkward conversation.  I understand that it is very difficult talking to people you don’t know combined with the fact that you met them on the internet.  But, if you made the effort to set up a meeting then make the effort to make it a fun time.  Nonchalantly saying its “up to me’ what we do after being late really doesn’t fly.  Nor does 10 minute awkward silences in between topics.

In case readers out there haven’t noticed, I’m old-fashioned about certain things.  A guy should make the first move, a guy should always send the first text message, always make the first call and he should always pay at the start of a potential or full-blown relationship.

However, a girl should at least OFFER to pay.  It’s a test on both parts.  If a girl offers it shows the guy that she wasn’t expecting to be wined and dined and he gets the opportunity to show off his ability to be a gentleman.  By a guy paying, he shows that chivalry isn’t dead.

Well, imagine my surprise when I offer to pay and he asks

“Are you sure?”

Which I reply with, “Yeah.”

 Then his money is immediately put back in his pocket and not seen for the rest of the evening.  There was no playful argument of any sort.

Now I know that its wrong to compare guys but REALLY??

My two best guy friends have full-blown arguments with me about me trying to pay.  It’s a 10-15 minute discussion on why I shouldn’t bother even taking my wallet out.  Those are FRIENDS.  Those are guys who AREN”T expecting anything physical from me.

Oh, and with Robert, my money was never used.  Once again I would get the sweetest lectures about how me being there was enough.

Well, the end of the night comes and…answer me this.  Isn’t the guy supposed to walk the girl to her train?  I mean, granted, its been a while since I’ve gone on a date with someone who I didn’t start off as friends with but my memory isn’t that bad.  I walked myself to the train because his train was in the opposite direction.

Yesterday, my  book  “Sex, Drugs, and Bon Jovi” arrived at my office and that was the HIGHLIGHT of my day. 

I am ready to become a nun.

In other news, in a little more than a week I’ll turn the big 26.  To celebrate, I’ve put together a little birthday party in the city and have invited everyone I know.  I can not wait to say good-bye to my 25th year.  This year, by far, as been the most bipolar that I’ve had since my teens.


3 Responses to “My Other Half Isnt…Mr. #1”

  1. Jean August 3, 2010 at 8:01 pm #

    Sorry, why don’t you just pay for your meal. And he pays for his own meal. Or did I misunderstand what actually happened during your dinner date?

    I strongly recommend to any woman dating that she pays only for her own meal. It sets the tone/foundation for sharing expenses with potential dates, boyfriend, husband in the future.

    This is the 21st century.

  2. CINDY ASHLEY MILLER August 3, 2010 at 8:28 pm #

    I absolutely luv ur post…

    Soooo true…and it reminded meee of tons of similar situations, in my past…

    However, not really ready to join u @ the Convent, yet…even @ my age of “soon 2b 25.” 😉

  3. kris513 August 17, 2010 at 8:13 am #

    Very humorous and interesting :). I think all women who have gone through a relationship slump have felt like this before – i know I have.

    My blog isnt about dating as such, but the topics vary depending on whats happening in my life. Check it out when you have some time.

    I look forward to reading about more Mr. Matches.

    Kris513 (”.)

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