My Other Half Isnt…Any Guy Who Has Done the Below…

14 Jun

My mother always told me that if it looked really good on the outside, it was probably used ten times over.

I really wish she was talking about clothes, or books, or some other inanimate object that I would be in no danger of falling for.  Unfortunately, she was talking about the male species.

I’ve always kept this advice in mine; even if it was deep in the depths of my mind behind chemistry symbols and rules for solving algebraic equations.

This rule was never as apparent as it was this weekend.

In previous posts I have already admitted my deep weakness for musicians.  (If there were a rehab for girls who melted at the sight of a guitar I would readily volunteer to go).

I attended a concert and met up with a friend who gave me details on one of the band members.  For privacy sake I won’t mention the band OR the musician who this refers to. (I suspect that a large percentage of males, musician or not, have done the things this particular individual has).

ANY guy who has ever kept a black book with the names of girls he has slept with has a problem.  Why?  Well, he actually has enough names to FILL that book.

If that weren’t bad enough, the ratings beside each name is enough to get a girl completely nauseous.  Really?  A rating on sexual performance?  What ever happened to concentrating on what really matters?

Personality, humor, intelligence; I suppose it doesn’t matter if she’s double jointed and had her tonsils removed when she was eight.

Moving on…

It is also not okay to be in a committed relationship and have about twelve other committed relationships on the side.

I have enough trouble remembering not to call my friend’s the wrong name so how can a guy keep all these girl’s straight.

As I said previously, honestly means a great deal to a woman.  With that said, if a guy is saying the same thing to every girl he meets just to get laid, he isn’t worth much.

Don’t tell me I’m the most beautiful girl you’ve ever seen if it isn’t true.  Don’t say you are going to call and have me waiting by the phone for three weeks wondering what I did wrong.

For all males that may be reading this post; SEX MEANS SOMETHING TO MOST WOMEN!

Keep that in mind when you use those romantic lines you pull from movies to get her into bed.

Also a guy who has sex with a girl, and then before she even has a chance to  de-tangle  herself from his panting body, tells her thanks and kicks her out of his house/room/car deserves to have his favorite appendage removed.

The saying goes, “A gentleman never kisses and tells”.

There should be another saying that goes, “A whore will stick it into whatever comes his way then announce it to whatever ears are willing to listen.”

The bottom line is that any guy who has done ANY of these things is just an insecure little boy who never grew up.  It’s pathetic, it’s sad and any girl with self-respect would stay as far away from a guy like this.

Whether he be a musician, your gardener, your local barista from Starbucks or the guy who hands out the mail at your job, he isn’t worth the napkin you wrote your number on.

Maybe all guys go through a period of being a complete dirt bag.  Yes, people can change.

That fact is ONLY worth something if that guy is willing and WANTS to change.  BUT, if he is over a certain age and still doing anything in a skirt, maybe it’s time to admit that Prince Charming isn’t living in the depths of his soul.


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