My Other Half Isnt…A Person Who Think That Birds Of A Feather Stick Together

2 Jun

I can not STRESS that enough.

For as long back as I remember I have always been warned to watch out for the company I keep.  If you hang out with a slut, you’re going to be considered a slut.  If you hang out with a heroin addict, people are going to assume that you carry around needles in your  purse. 

I am the exception to that rule and it has never been more obvious than this past weekend.

For the big Memorial Day weekend, I traveled with a group of my friends to Virginia.  Originally the plan was for three days of sun, surf, over eating, drinking and most importantly FUN!!!!

In three days, I probably had 10% fun and 90% regretful thoughts of even coming.

I don’t know what it is about having a schedule and sticking to it that irks people so much.  I am all for being spontaneous but I also realize that for big trips like this, you have to considerate of everyone elses schedule.  Therefore, when one of my friends decided to change the time of departure from 9 p.m to 8:30, then to 8pm and then at 1 tha afternoon informed me to be ready at 7:30, I was a bit ticked off.

That’s just one example of how the “birds’ rule doesn’t apply to me.  I don’t believe in changing my mind every two seconds when planning a trip for six people.

I also do not understand the drama that being on time causes.  Out of my closest friends I am the one that is ALWAYS on time.  (To be fair ONE of my other friends is big on being on time too and get’s even more aggravated than I do about people being late.)

Anyway, 2 in the afternoon doesn’t mean 5 in the afternoon and a few minutes doesn’t mean an hour. 

This drama was my personal favorite of the weekend.  If something or someone annoys me, I do not take it out on anyone else but the thing/person that caused it.  I am not going to take it out on everyone and ruin everyone else’s trip.  That isn’t my idea of maturity. 

Now I realize that my friends and I have a great deal in common and I adore them all.  The problem is that an outsider wouldn’t always see that. 

If a guy were to observe my friends and I during our random “game nights”, he would think that I was fun, sweet, and humourous because my friends were acting that way at that moment.

Had another guy witnessed this weekend, he would have thought that I was a moody princess who didn’t own a watch.  It was an off weekend for us as a crew.

Even if my other half WAS in Virginia this weekend, I wouldn’t have noticed anyway and I’m pretty sure he would have been completely turned off by the way my flock was behaving anyway.

My point is that my other half wouldn’t judge who I am by who I hang out with.  That requirement is non negotiable.


One Response to “My Other Half Isnt…A Person Who Think That Birds Of A Feather Stick Together”

  1. mr angry June 4, 2010 at 8:59 am #

    I am (usually) always punctual in my timekeeping and if times have to change i ask rather than tell… it is a most annoying thing when people are late I agree.

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